From Concept To Creation

We have the in-house capabilities to bring your idea to life, no matter where you are in the process. From research, concept sketching and generation, through CAD modeling, rendering and prototyping, we make it real. Through our extensive network of vendors and partners, we can bring your next product to the world.

The Weirder The Better

Have an off the wall idea that you cant get out of your head? We’d love to hear about it. Inventors and entrepreneurs at heart, at Function Foundry, we love taking on new challenges.

Who We Are

Inventors and entrepreneurs at heart, the Function Foundry team excitedly takes on new challenges. As founder and lead designer Drew Fletcher likes to say, “The weirder the better.” Function Foundry is an Issaquah, Washington based Industrial Design firm. We specialize in working with other businesses to bring new products and inventions from concept to creation. […]

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Company Creation & Development

We are proud to partner with select small businesses to provide design, prototyping and production support throughout a company’s life cycle. We take great joy in seeing new products and service companies begin life and thrive in spite of challenging market conditions. Ownership experience across market segments greatly benefits each company that we work with. […]
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