2019 So far… A study of rhythm and flow

Without a doubt, by every measurable way, 2018 was Function Foundry’s best year ever. We experienced new challenges from exciting projects that pushed our boundaries. We forged strong bonds with our clients. We increased our production capabilities with new tooling, an expanded workspace, and talented personnel. We were busier than ever. Yes sir, 2018 was a great year, but we can do better. As we launch into 2019 and our 2nd year in business, I want to take this time to reflect on ourselves and our record and lay the groundwork for what is to come.

Finding a rhythm to our process has become a paramount goal for the new year. Last year, we had periods of extreme activity, as well as moments of pause. Moments of excitement and confidence, and slow periods that allowed the anxieties of running a business to creep in. The lack of rhythm and consistency has costs and drags on the business, and as a drummer, I personally can’t stand it.

I believe this year we are already beginning to find our groove. By adding more projects to keep production levels higher, our efficiency has gone up. We have made major strides to increase capacity without sacrificing quality. We have been investing heavily in both people and process, as well as working to fill the sales funnel and project queue without over taxing our resources. We have been increasing our in-house tooling capability to drastically reduce our dependance on 3rd party vendors and speed up production times. We are strengthening existing partnerships as well as creating new ones. We are growing our team by adding key members who bring new insights, skills, and decades of experience.

We have already seen a huge increase in business since the start of 2019, locking down contracts that will keep us busy for most of the year ahead. With such a large amount of work to complete and new orders and customers being added along the way, production planning has emerged as key factor to our success and maintaining our rhythm.

Taking on new projects helps spur the creative culture that Function Foundry works hard to maintain. We pride ourselves on supporting a positive, creative workspace, that values quality over all else. As we grow we face new and exciting challenges that will force us to engineer creative solutions and design new futures.

Without a doubt, 2019 has the potential to be our best year ever. New projects, new people, new tools, new ideas. We’re finding our groove, and letting our rhythm take us where we need to go.


  • Drew